My Story – From Concussed to Competing

Welcome to! I have always been active in sports since I was a little kid. From about the age of 6 till I was around 14 I played soccer, basketball, karate, amateur boxing, fencing, and lacrosse. When I was 17 years old I was really involved in amateur boxing and played lacrosse for my high school. During the middle of one of my lacrosse games, I took a massive hit from behind, landing on top of my head with my helmet sticking deep into the muddy ground. It was due to that hit that I suffered a career-ending concussion that took me out of contact sports for life. From here, I went through a 3-6 month recovery process, having to change my diet in order to aid in the repair of my damaged brain. As I recovered, I had nothing to work towards, I felt lost. I had always worked out in a gym to stay conditioned for whatever sport I participated in so, I continued just going to the gym and lifting weights. As weeks passed I found myself getting bigger and stronger than I ever had before, and at the time, my friend’s brother was just getting into bodybuilding. So, I did my research and after altering my diet and training, I fell in love with the lifestyle bodybuilding provided me! I then got in contact with Natural Professional Bodybuilder, Derek Natcher, who helped me with my diet and training to get in contest shape for my first show! On August 13th 2011, I participated in the Steel Valley Classic and placed 2nd in the Teen Division and 1st in the Men’s Open Lightweight! It was apparent to me after that show that I had found my calling. So much so that I ended up majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics at Seton Hill University.

Throughout every sport I participated in, my family was always supportive and never missed any of my games or practices. Without having that support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Everytime I get ready to do a big set in the gym, or step foot on that stage, I remember how much my family has sacrificed to help me get to where I’m at and that gives me the motivation to push myself even harder to make them proud!

So join me here, as I pursue my dream of becoming one of the top Natural athletes that ever lived and continue to expand Natural Pursuit to help others pursue and reach their dreams through personal training, nutritional consulting, promoting, and video editing!



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